8 Hilarious Costumes For Babies

Number 1: The King of Rockabye baby and roll

The king has left his cradle and is going to get so much attention at the Halloween party! Check out his quiff!


A great costume idea for twins or two babies that are going to the party together. Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World.

Number 3: Footlong BMT, please…

Whoever thought this up is both a genius yet cruel. Poor baby wrapped up in a sandwich wrapper!

Number 4: Who’s been naughty?

This baby jail costume is so cute! Check out the biker tattoos on the arms.

Number 5: Lobster baby Halloween costume.

This is so funny! A great costume for taking photos to remember. Mom and dad could go as chefs to complete the family costume.

Number 6: HOTDOG, who wants a hotdog!

Pretty self-explanatory, yeah? Sure to get some laughs.

Number 7: Your cute little minion

Well, you didn’t think we were going to get through a costume list without mentioning a minion costume, did you? Minion costumes for kids of all ages are available – our ready to buy baby minion costume is here.

And our favorite funny baby Halloween costume idea…

Number 8: Taco Baby

Yes, it’s true; someone has created a costume to turn a baby into a taco! Not only is that an amazing idea, it works brilliantly as the baby crawls around. Perfect end to the list!

Halloween is a great time to get the whole family in fancy dress. It always looks great if the family goes as a theme. Hopefully, some of these baby Halloween costumes will give you some inspiration for creating your family theme this year!

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