Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume

Create your own Lucy Wilde Costume

Lucy Wilde is a firm favorite character in the Despicable Me franchise and will make a fantastic Halloween costume. Plus, as a bonus, her look is not hard to re-create at all!

Who Is Lucy Wilde?

Lucy is a secret agent for the AVL – the Anti Villain League – which is one of the reasons dressing up as her would be so much fun.

Creating a Lucy Wilde Halloween Costume

Searching high and low on the internet shows that there are currently no official “ready-to-buy” Lucy Wilde costume but luckily it isn’t hard to create your own. Lucy wears a long light-blue / turquoise evening dress underneath her long light-blue / turquoise trench coat. She is has a very feminine style (not what you would expect from a secret agent) and so her outfits are often completed with a polka dot scarf and white high heels.

One of the most distinctive features of Lucy Wilde is her beautifully styled red hair.

Finishing touches: bring along a stick of red lipstick for Lucy’s lipstick Taser!

Couples costume idea: Gru and Lucy Halloween costume

A really cute costume would be the Despicable Me 2 combination of Gru and Lucy Wilde. This makes a fantastic family costume mom is Lucy, Dad is Gru and the kids are the minions or the sisters; Margo, Edith and Agnes.
Lucy Wilde Despicable Me