DIY Margo Costume – Oldest Sister from Despicable Me

Margo is the oldest of the three sisters in Despicable Me. She is a young girl 11-12 year old but very mature for her age. Being mature doesn’t stop her being fun which is why Margo will make a great Halloween costume idea – especially if you can go in a group as the Despicable Me sisters.

EASY – How to create a Margo costume for Halloween

Getting the Margo Look!

  • Margo’s hair is brown and is tied in a simple pony tail.
  • She has brown eyes and wears rectangular shaped frame glasses.
  • She is always seen in her brown / dark green blazer jacket.
  • Underneath this blazer jacket she wears a black t shirt. There have been two different designs on her t shirt, in Despicable Me 1 it was the Lorax, in Despicable Me 2 it was Wangan-Kun from the Japanese series Bayside Shakedown. A plain black tee will do, but maybe you should try and incorporate some design to the front.
  • Underneath your black tee you will need a white shirt or blouse. This is only visible because of the untucked tail of the shirt coming from under the tee.
  • She always wears her blue plaid skirt, some comfy sports socks and some red converse / retro basketball hi tops.

Can I hear you say easy Halloween costume!?

Margo finishing touches…

Go minimal with the makeup and try and get a smooth natural look.
Untuck your white shirt and make sure it is visible from under the tshirt.