DIY Edith Costume (Sister from Despicable Me)

Great idea for a group costume this year is to go as the Despicable Me sisters which were adopted by Gru. In order of age (oldest to youngest) the sisters are Margo, Edith and Agnes.

Today we will be looking at creating and Edith costume. Edith is the tomboy and slightly crazy middle child of the three sisters.

How to create an Edith Costume

The great thing about Edith is that she has a very distinctive look. She wears the same clothes pretty much throughout the two movies so this is a costume that will get recognized and is easy to copy.

Edith’s Appearance

Edith is a child, around 7 years old although this is not mentioned in the movie. Edith is always in her pink striped knitted sweater alongside a matching knitted beanie hat with earflaps and tassels. Once you have these two items your half way there!

For bottom half of her outfit you will need a dark red / purple skirt worn on top of some purple leggings, complete the bottom half with some white Ugg / snow boots.

Finishing touches
Edith has quite short, shaggy blonde hair which is never fully seen in any of the movies due to her always wearing her iconic pink beanie.

She has a very smooth, pale, natural skin color so go light on any makeup and try to create a natural look.

And, yes it’s that easy!