DIY Agnes Despicable Me Costume

If you are dressing up this Halloween and you want to be a little different, Agnes from Despicable Me is the perfect choice! You just have to love Agnes. It is also a great character as part of a group costume idea of the Despicable Me bunch.
Creating an Agnes from Despicable Me Costume
Agnes is a super adorable little girl, she has dark / black hair in a high ponytail, she wears a yellow t-shirt with brown stripes, denim bib and brace trousers and sneakers. Oh, and she loves her unicorn toy.

So, depending on how creative you want to be, you DIY Agnes costume can be as easy as buying the right clothes, alongside following a few tips to make sure you complete the look.

First, you should start with a yellow t-shirt and paint on some light brown horizontal stripes with acrylic or fabric paint. Even better if you can find a yellow t-shirt with brown stripes already as part of the design!

Next you need some plain denim bib overalls. Jeans will do if you have braces. Top tip to complete the Agnes look… Get some large red buttons. These should be placed where your braces connect to the bib. You can stitch these on with some yellow thread or for speed use a glue gun.

Roll up the legs a little, voila!

Add Agnes’ plain white sneakers and that’s the clothing done. However don’t forget a stuffed plush unicorn to complete your Agnes Halloween costume!

Finishing Agnes’ look…

Agnes Hair
Agnes has long dark (almost black) hair, which is styled in a high up pony tail using a red scrunchie.

So if you have long dark hair, all you have to do is brush your hair up. I would lean forward and brush from your neck up to your head, this will mean that when you style it in the pony tail it will be as high as possible. Then use a hair band to keep your hair n this style and put a large red scrunchie on top to get the look.

Agnes Make up
To really add the finishing touches to your Agnes costume you can use make up to look even more like the young cartoon character.

Use some good foundation to ensure your skin is blemish free – just like a cartoon character.

Agnes has huge eyes – use some mascara to give the impression of an increased eye size.

Use an eye brow pencil to add dark line eyebrows.
Any finally, Agnes is only a 6 year old girl, she does not wear lipstick, so maybe choose your palest shade if you would like to wear some.

Ok, now go have fun!! It will be an awesome Halloween group costume idea if you and two friends all dressed up as the Despicable Me sisters!

Maybe you don’t want to create your own? There are many ready made despicable me costumes here including Agnes.